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We make vaporizers, not soldering irons!
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Item Description Price
Ev8 Bowl   The part that connects the hose to the magic on the NEW vaporizer
Ev7 Bowl   Part that connects hose to vaporizer on the OLD units. $14.99
Hose   3' of silicone hose $14.99
Flat Mouthpiece
  A simple disc shaped mouthpiece with a small hole
Goat Milker Mouthpiece   Bell shaped with a wide oral interface. $24.99
Clear Triple Doughnut Mouthpiece   Combines a pleasing visual aesthetic with maximal particulate suppression! $69.99
5 Pack of Screens
  Screens for the bowl
Power Cord
 Replacement cord for vaporizer
Ice Powered Vapor Chilling Tube Photos coming soon. $99.99
Bowl, Hose & Flat Mouthpiece Combo
  Save $5!